Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Our first houseguest

It's done, the huge couch has been broken in as a bed for an overnight guest. Sarah from SI was in Washington D.C. for the SAA conference, and was able to come over for a night. She got to our house too late for us to go line dancing, but the next morning, we were able to have
lunch at a really nice bbq place, Red, Hot and Blue, that her friend recommended.

Jeff and I decided we needed a sleeping implement for the second bedroom, so if more than 1 person was to visit, they wouldn't have to sleep on the floor. So,after dropping Sarah off at the Metro station, we spent a few hours at IKEA. We picked up a futon, a really thick mattress for it and a red cover for the mattress. Our house is starting to get a color theme.

We also finally picked up bookcases. Since these have to be put together, we got 3 of the sides and some solid pine shelves for books and some metal multimedia shelves for DVDs and CDs. We'll see how this works out.


Sarah said...

might i just add that sylvie and jeff's apartment is awesome, and sylvie is a great hostess!

line dancing will have to occur next time.

i did a small face scratch from the orange bundle of energy and love, but it only added character for my final week in the 'glades...

Sylvie said...

he scratched you? Don't worry, we won't feed him tomorrow as punishment!!!