Monday, November 26, 2007

My sweet silent suffering baby

Where do I take a complaint about a vet?

Last Wednesday, I took Smokey to the local Banfeild to have his ears cleaned. The groomers had said he was too hyper for them to risk a pair of scissors in his ear canal. They suggested we take him to a vet where he'd be sedated and then his ears could be cleaned out.

So, I did. The doctor seemed nice enough, showed us how we could keep his ears clean of dreads by pulling out hair regularly. They said they'd call me once he was ready, around 3 p.m. I waited till 4 and called them to see if I could pick him up. They said sure.

vet wanted to see me one last time to show me how to clean hisI showed up 20 minutes later and waited almost 4o minutes before Smokey showed up. The ear. He also mentioned that there was a little bit of blood but Smokey was ok.

Here are photos of his ear as Jeff and I found it yesterday. He has so much hair that we didn't see it till I was scratching both his ears on Saturday and noticed that something was off.

The poor little guy didn't even cry about it. Its about a centimeter square piece of ear that's been cut off and is hanging off of the main ear. I am so angry!!!


Anonymous said...

Maryland State Board (part of the Dept of Agriculture) they have a complaint form. You could also complain to WBAL on your side as well (the TV station) I am not sure if you complain to Pet Smart Direct as They contract Benefield.

Get Well Smokey

Uncle John

Amy said...

You make me glad I've never used the vet at PetSmart (where we have Banfield here).

That is so wrong!