Monday, July 28, 2008

Baltimore Restaurant Week

July 26 - August 3 is Baltimore Restaurant Week. Last year, Jeff and I ate at a very nice restaurant in Baltimore and we thought we'd repeat that this year. We were deciding between Tabrizi's and Spice Co., because both their menus looked scrumptuous. We decided to try Tabrizi's on Sunday because it was closer to us. We drive into the parking lot, beautiful view! They seat us out on the patio where we look out onto the Inner Harbour and people's boats.

Lovely weather, pleasant service, we are having fun talking through our appetizers: baby octopus and calamari in a lime chili sauce for Jeff and grape leaves for me. We couldn't remember to take the photos till after the food was gone!

We got there at 5:30 so we were the only ones out on the patio. Till 2 other ladies walk out and are seated 2 feet away from us. The whole patio is empty, with more than 20 tables and they seat them right next to us. That ended the conversation for us because it felt intrusive. I could hear their whole conversation and didn't want them to hear ours.

Our meals were good, not exceptional; pork medallions with caramelized bacon and spinach salad for Jeff and duck with fresh berries and a salad for me.

The desserts: creme brulee and baklava were so so. I might even say the baklava I make at home is better (at least Jeff agreed with me).

Even though the dinner was a bit disappointing and we won't be going back to this place, we really enjoyed being out; just the twi of us. It's been a while since we've just been out, talking and enjoying each other's company. After dinner, we took a stroll down by the side of the restaurant and looked at the boats docked there and then just sat on a bench and talked for an hour or so. It was really nice. It also made us realise that even if we have to schedule this into our busy days, we need to do this more often.

Between his job and my jobs, and family calls, and keeping track of friends, and cleaning the house and getting the dog his shots and making sure my sister is still alive in her dungeon (well, it's the second bedroom really), we lose track of us. We say good morning, kiss hello when we get home, kiss good night, call each other in the middle of the day but never really have time to talk. About us, about our life ... it was nice to reconnect that way this weekend and to realize how much in love we still are.

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