Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This & That

Posted this in the wrong blog!!!

When I am already behind in my Christmas shopping!!!!!! Usually, by October, I either have everything bought or a very definitive idea of what it's going to be. Out of the 9 people, I want to do gifts for this year, I have already given 1 hers early, I have bought for 1 and I kind of have an idea for a couple other people. but, the rest, I am lost.

I also need to plan our Thanksgiving dinner menu. We're probably going to spend the actual day at Anjuli and Mike's again BUT I'd like to do something at my house as well.

We won't be home for Christmas this year. for the first time in probably decades, Jeff has a job where he gets holidays off. So, we're off to spend X-mas with the Williams' side of the family in LA and then on to India to celebrate New Year's with the Khajuria clan. But, in those travels, we'll miss our wedding anniversary. We fly on the afternoon of the 29th from LA and we get in very late on the 30th in India, which will be our 4th anniversary.

Another reason I'm grumpy is Halloween. We do have plans for friends to come over BUT people aren't responding. there are a lot of "maybe"s. What's up with that? just say yes or no. I am grumpy enough to just cancel it. Which is weird for me; I love entertaining. I love having people over, cooking and creating new cocktails or bringing out old ones. But, this year, I am just Scroodgilicius. Maybe it's all the hospitals I have been in or the fact that the darn insurance still hasn't straightened it all out. Whatever this is, I hope I snap out of it soon. I don't like this person who cannot seem to enjoy shopping or planning for a party! This is not the me I know and love!

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