Friday, October 14, 2011

11 months ... how can it be?

I am late but Oli turned 11 months old on the 7th. I cannot believe it. Here's a song form my shower that goes perfectly with how I feel today:

Watching Scotty Grow (don't know who sang the version I have)

There he sits with a pen and a yellow pad
He's a handsome lad
That's my boy

B-R-L-F-Q spells Mom and Dad
That ain't too bad
That's my boy

You can have your TV and your nightclubs
You can have your drive-in picture shows
I'll sit here with my little man near, we'll listen to the radio
Bidin' my time and and watching Scotty grow

Makin' castles out of building blocks
And a cardboard box
That's my boy

Mickey Mouse says it's thirteen o'clock
Well, that's quite a shock
But that's my boy

In four short years I've gone from rags to riches
But what I did before that I don't know
Well you can let it rain on my windowpane, I got my own rainbow
And we're just sittin' here shinin' watching Scotty grow

Up on daddy's shoulders and off to bed
Old sleepy head
That's my boy

Got to have a drink of water and a story read
An old teddy bear named Fred
That's my boy

Well, what's that your say Momma, come on and keep your feet warm
Well save me a place, I'll be there in a minute or so
I'll think I'll stay right here and say a little prayer before I go
'Cause me and God are watching Scotty grow
Me and God watching are Scotty grow

He's doing so many new things and growing so much, physically and personality-wise too. I'll focus on one thing. Him with Smokey. He has learned which toys are Smokey's and when he wants to play with the dog, he holds up his toy and waits for him to come to him. For example, the rope. He holds it up to Smokey's face and then waves it around for him to grab and play tug of war. Smokey will grab it and pull gently, but it still ends up with Oliver on the floor on his belly. Oli just laughs and laughs when that happens. And Smokey is so good with him. We obviously watch them very closely when they play together, but Smokey will grab the rope and pull hard and growl when playing with Jeff or me or another adult. however, when playing with Oli, he is so gentle. No bared teeth, not a growl, just a gentle pull. And Oliver is so pleased with himself, you can see it in his face.

My little one is growing so fast I am afraid to blink an eye. Every time I turn around, he's doing something new. 

Dear Oli, 
Keep on growing and keep on laughing and know that when mommy starts crying without any obvious reason, it's because she loves you and knows that someday you'll grow up too big to fit in her lap or on daddy's shoulder and you won't need to hold our hands to walk and it makes me cry now even thinking about that. But, I am also proud of you and love you and will always let you sit in my lap, no matter how big you get. not sure about daddy's shoulders though ;-) And, you can always hold my hand or come to my embrace when you need it.

Daddy and I love watching you grow, booboo.

Love, your mummy and papa.

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