Monday, October 24, 2011

Food withdrawals?

Since I started WeightWatchers, I've gotten headaches every single day. I think they are withdrawal headaches. Withdrawal from food. Now that I am counting everything I eat, I realize how much I had started snacking at work. I don't think I went a half hour before looking for something to chow down on. Chips and salsa, cookies, 100 calorie bag of something, another 100 calorie bag of something else ... BTW, when you eat 6 of those in one time, they aren't so healthy anymore. Just sayin'.

So, I am going through a detox from food. They should have rehab facilities for this. I am sure they do. I am not rich or famous enough to check myself into one of those. So, I'll stick with my weekly meetings and keep on truckin' towards my goal of getting back to pre-pregnancy poundage. I have a closet and a 20 gallon bin full of clothes waiting for me to lovingly take them out and proudly wear them.

I'll think of them the next time a slice of baklava beckons to me or that tiramisu calls my name.

Actually, I might listen to them and eat them. I'll just have to cut out something else that day. That's the beauty of WW - no deprivation, no dieting. It's just a balanced intake of calories, carbs, proteins, fiber and fat. Last time I lost and maintained weight was when I was counting calories. I just needed a kick in the butt again and the whole getting weighed in a room full of people weekly is a pretty big motivator for me right now.

wish me luck.

and, send me painkillers for this headache.

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