Tuesday, July 10, 2012


When we went to look at the model for our current condo some years ago, we knew as soon as we walked into the foyer that it was what we wanted. The open kitchen, the dining-living area, the study, the double sinks in the master bathroom, the walk in closet ... it all called to us. And, it was perfect. Perfect for a couple with a dog. Not so perfect for a couple with a dog and a toddler. We have no yard. We have sidewalks that step down in front of every condo building so there would be no bike riding down the sidewalks. Kids in our community ride their bikes down the parking lot. So, 6 months ago, we started looking for houses. With yards.

It's hard! Once you get used to something, you don't want to let go. I want my gas cook top. I want my pantry space. I want the double sinks. I want a walk in closet. But, if we look at old houses that have yards, their bathrooms are tiny. They have electric stoves. If we look at new developments with gas appliances and his and her closets, they are built on top of each other.

I guess we decide on the things we absolutely refuse to live without and go from there. And for now, that list is:
  • neighborhood
  • yard space
  • big kitchen
  • storage
The things we can reconcile on are:
  • double sinks in master bathroom
  • gas stove top ... maybe
Some things are churning around in our heads and in the real estate market, some new houses, some lots with options of having our own builder build upon them. I am just scared of making this decision because this will be THE house Oli goes off to college from. That's the idea. What if we buy the wrong house?What if at the beginning it seems fine and then slowly issues pop up? What if the area is great when we move there and in 10 years, it all goes downhill?

See? I am freaking out just putting it down on "paper!"

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Angie said...

Good Luck!! My best advice to you - plan to commute... The bigger the house, the higher the price tag BUT getting out of the Baltimore "area" gave us so many options we did not have down here - but we do have the hour drive... BUT we both do it together, plus side - and daycare is down here so we all drive together...

Second advice, look at school districts, pick a good one and THEN house hunt...