Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PSA: Lock your doors!

& get a dog and an alarm system. Apparently, we left our patio door unlocked yesterday; however, we set the burglar alarm before we left for work. I got a call at 2:30 p.m. from our alarm company, Guardian, asking if we needed cops sent out since the rear door alarm had gone off. I said "YES SEND THEM WE ARE AT WORK NOBODY SHOULD BE THERE," *deep breaths*.

Then, I told Jeff and headed home, all the time freaking out over what I'd find when I got there, if the dog was ok, how to deal with homeowner's insurance ...

I get there, find the cop sitting in his car outside, because he couldn't get through the locked foyer. I let him in, unlocked the main door, unlocked our condo door, fully expecting him to go in ahead of me, but no, he waited for me to open the door. (WTH?) Well, nobody was in the house and at first glance, nothing was amiss. I noticed the patio door was open and just leaning against the jamb. I realized then we must have left it unlocked. The policeman told me to do a walkthrough of the house, see if all valuables were still there while he opened every closet and closed door to ensure nobody was in the house.

Nothing was taken. He left. No report filed. As I am closing doors and calming Smokey down, I realize no way in heck could we have left the door open, even if we left it unlocked. The alarm cannot be set if the door isn't at least latched closed.

So, somebody walked off the parking lot, onto our patio and tried our door. Tried to open it, and the alarm went off. Smokey also most probably went apeshit. Those two things combined possibly scared him/her/them away. But, I am still freaked out. Woke up twice in the night to walk around and ensure everything was locked and alarmed. Looked out the patio door to make sure nobody was standing around. Ugh, I know nothing went missing but for somebody as jumpy as me, it's going to take a long time to regain my peace of mind!

But, in the meantime, thanks to my hero :) even if he was barking all crazy because he wanted the would be thieves to come play with him, he possibly scared them off.

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