Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7 things you say

7 days till my baby turns 2. My dad told me not to call him a baby anymore and I said at least give me till he's 2! Since I'll be trying to dam my tears this entire week till the day of, I am going to talk about things about him that are new and amazing since the last post about him.

Today's post is about the 7 things he says that are just cute and wonderful.
  1. Thank you: this was one of the first phrases he learned. And, even though we have to prompt him to say it when it's needed, he's really cute when he says it. He's also starting to say "welcome" when you say thank you to him.
  2. Please: This was one of the first signs he learned and he still uses the sign even though he says it too. His signing gets more emphatic if he feels like we are not paying attention.
  3. Ayi-you: this is his version of "I love you." He absolutely melts our hearts when he says it and he's very generous with responding with his ayi-you when you tell him you love him.
  4. Help: This is one of his new words. It was on his last baby signing DVD, and he never learned the actual sign. But, he occasionally yells out "mommy help!" or "daddy help!" It could be to get him down from someplace he shouldn't have gotten up in the first place, or to get his shirt off when he's managed to get it halfway off and it's stuck around his neck and head.
  5. Bless you: We can thank Jeff for this one. Every time somebody sneezes, he says "bless you," in the cutest voice possible.
  6. What is this?: This is the absolute newest phrase I know of. 2 days ago, he pointed at the cold air return in the living room and said, "what is this?" It took him saying it 3 times for me to realize he was speaking in English!
  7. Last but not the least is the word NO!: he's pretty liberal with that. It's his first answer to any question.
I cannot wait to see how he expands his vocabulary and learns more words and phrases. I love to hear him say new things, even though sometimes it takes me a few tries to understand him.
Oliver signing "please"

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