Thursday, November 01, 2012

6 things you love to do

Reading his Buzz book
ahhhh 6 days till my baby has been around for 24 months! It sounds so little but feels so big, you know?

Today's post brings to you 6 things that he loves to do:
  1. Burrowing into sheets/blankets: When he was a tiny baby in his crib, Oli would smush his face into the mattress to sleep. To the point that his dad and I would wonder how he could possibly be breathing that way. But, he did and he slept like that the entire time he slept on his belly. Then, we moved him out of the crib and into his own big boy (queen sized) bed. And, he loves to burrow under his quilt - even though he moves so much through his sleep that he's never under it by morning. In the morning, if he comes to our room, he'll crawl to the top of the bed and then slide his body down under our quilt and burrow. It's so goshdarned adorable.
  2. Walking to our room: Speaking of him coming to our room, since he moved to his own big boy bed, we leave his door closed but if he wakes up, he just opens his door and comes on over to our room. Which means, we almost never need an alarm clock on the weekends. We let him wake us up. He's gotten into this habit of standing at our door and giggling till we wake up. Then, when he knows we've seen him, he laughs and runs to the bed. Climbs up and tries burrowing in.
  3. Playing with Smokey: My goodness can he run around the house after Smokey. They do circuits around our dining table with Oliver giggling like a maniac. Or he tries to give Smokey hugs and gets mad if Smokey walks away. He calls him "my 'mokey." We got lucky with our dog, he's so good with babies and as we see now, with toddlers :)
  4. Dancing: This boy loves music, calls it "dancin'." The one tv show he'll watch is Dancing With The Stars. Except, we cannot watch any judge's commentary or scoring or ads because he's standing there yelling, "mo' dancin'." And, he's got moves. He wiggles his butt, he raises the roof, he bangs his head, and his favorite, he goes around and around in circles till he's dizzy. And, every now and then, he still lets his mommy hold him in her arms and he dances with her. He might be the star of the dance floor at his mausi' wedding.
  5. Reading: He loves books! I'll tell him to go pick out a book and he'll run to his bookshelf and bring me one. I am not sure he even has favorites anymore, but there are a few he always gravitates to - Are You My Mother?, there's a pop up dinosaur one that I don't even know the name of, there is a set if 3 Toy Story ones. Some nights, I have to tell him, no more, and put him to bed, because he'll keep bringing them to me to read to him.
  6. Putting on his mommy and daddy's shoes: We cannot leave any shoes lying around the house because this kid will put them on and try to walk around the house. And, then he gets mad at them if he cannot get his feet in (like, into my heels) or they are too big for him to walk in (like his dad's shoes).

Not sure but maybe he was trying to bust a move
Watching DWTS while wearing daddy's shoes

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