Sunday, November 04, 2012

Only 3 days to go

It has been a challenging day with the little one. A missing nap, a change in time, mausi returning home ... all of those have contributed to Oli being a terror tonight. A cute little terror though. So, it's taken me all day to get to the computer to write this up.

So, as we count down with 3 days till our cute little terror turns 2, we bring you the 3 character traits we hope he never loses as grows up.
  1. Humorous: He's always laughing, well, when not crying or throwing a tantrum, so maybe I should say he's mostly laughing. We want him to keep his sense of humor for ever. His beautiful smile wins over the old ladies at Costco every weekend. His giggle makes anybody around him giggle, it's so infectious.
  2. Loving & embracing: He gives hugs and kisses freely. He'll random run up to us in the middle of playing and hug us. Once he gets to know you, expect neck squeezing hugs and sloppy kisses from Oliver. He has also not yet met a person he doesn't like. We want him to grow up with his arms wide open for everybody, no matter how different they are from him. Color, race, gender, sex, orientations, we want him to grow up not blind to those but embracing. 
  3. Fearless: Be it climbing a chair or getting from one room to another, this kid will find the alternate way to the safe way of doing it. While it scares the living daylights out of us right now, we hope he keeps that spirit as he gets older. We hope he takes life by the horns and doesn't hesitate to climb towards his goal.

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