Tuesday, November 06, 2012

As we count down the hours ...

to election being over, we are also counting down to our baby turning 2. Both those events have led me to some tears today. The first one was moving because this was the first Presidential election I was eligible to vote in. And I went with my husband and son and participated, as is my responsibility, right and privilege.

The second event is obvious. I don't remember if I got this weepy at his first birthday. Maybe we were planning for a huge party, maybe he had just started walking and that created chaos in this house, but I don't remember getting this emotional getting close to his birthday.

With 1 day (sort of) left till our little one's second birthday, we want him to know the ONE most important thing - we'll love him till our last breath (and maybe beyond, who knows).

a week old
a year old
almost 2

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