Monday, March 18, 2013

5Ks by a procrastinator

go the following way. Takes 2 years and 22 months the first time. Gets so excited by the fact that she finished 1 that she immediately signs up for one a few months down the road. March, shouldn't be so freezing, should be able to keep the training up along the way.

Holidays come and go. Sister's wedding comes and goes. She ran one day on acation and felt like she was ok.

Come back to work, whole new year. Project takes off running, nay galloping. Meetings literally from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Justify January passing by without a single run by thinking that it took 8 weeks to train before, she can do it in February and 3 weeks of March.

February comes and goes, gets a few walks on the treadmill in.

Suddenly, looks at the calendar, and it's *GASP* March 11; less than 2 weeks to the 5K and she has no idea if she can even walk the distance. So, she pulls her Vibrams on and heads to the gym. She runs, refuses to look at the display on the treadmill, just keeps on running. Breathes in, breathes out. Ugh, got to walk now, looks down, 1/2 mile. Walk another 1/2 mile and that's all she can handle.

Oh heck, it's March 18th now. The weekend was good. St. Patrick's Day party, dinner out family. Good Irish beer. No running. Ok, head to the gym and this time, plan to run at least a mile. She plans to drop off the treadmill as the mile finishes but she's going to run that mile, come hell or high water!

I am proud to say this procrastinator was able to complete 3.1 miles on the treadmill, after starting with a mile run and then alternating 1/4 miles of running and walking. I just have to do this everyday this week, so I don't embarrass myself Saturday.

proud that I finished the 3.1 miles

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Angie said...

You can do it!!

This is why I didn't sign up when you mentioned it back in January - guess how many days of the c25k program I did?? Ugh!!

Gotta get on the bandwagon!