Monday, March 04, 2013

Holy cow, February is gone

Did time really move slower before we had a child? Or do we just notice it more now? Or maybe we just acknowledge it more. You know one thing I notice is ever since Oliver became mobile and talkative, it seems like the milestones hit quicker and quicker. It was easier to record when he rolled over, crawled, took his first step ... or went from grunting to clearly saying da-da when he wanted Jeff ... because it was months between those things. But, from walking to running to now galloping everywhere, and from the first word to the first sentence to the first phrase and now incessant questions every single moment ... feels like it takes mere days or hours between milestones. I cannot remember when he went from signing for more milk to asking for more milk to now stating "I want more milk NOW!" He is moving and growing and learning at the speed of a mile a minute. And even though we are awed and impressed, we'd like to ask him to slow down just a bit. And it's not because of my poor knees.

It hit me today that I was using this blog to keep track of him growing and our family changing, and now it's been a month since I have written anything. My brain doesn't retain information like it used to so unless I write it down, it's gone. One thing I absolutely want to remember and embarrass him with later in his life is the fact that he asked both Jeff and me to kiss his butt this weekend. He has gotten used to us kissing his boo-boos and asking if it's better that he said, during a diaper change, "my butt hurts, kiss it."

the attitude!
He is starting to grow a personality that has an attitude, not always a good one, but we can see him becoming his own person. He still loves the color purple. If I didn't tell him mommy hasn't washed his purple shirts, he'd wear them everyday. Pretty soon, he'll think his mother's the laziest woman on earth who takes weeks to wash a couple shirts or he'll realize I am fibbing. Overall, he's such a mix of Jeff and me. He's laid back like Jeff, but also has his cleanliness gene. The tiniest bit of something on his hands or feet and he comes to me to get it taken care of. He's also pretty social, which, I guess would be my fault ;-) He can be shy around people if he meets them for the first time, but most of the time, if I tell him to say hi/bye/blow a kiss/give a hug, he'll do it. And, if he's seen you a few times, he's pretty cool with going home with you.

So, please, won't somebody take a cute toddler home for a couple nights? Pretty please?

On a serious note, though I love that he's outgoing like me, I sometimes fear that he'll be too trusting with everybody. And might trust the wrong person someday. I guess it's on us as his parents to teach him that even though it's good to be friendly and nice to everyone around you, you have to be wary too. Ugh, this parenting thing comes with way too many grey hairs and mental anguish, doesn't it? And, I doubt it ever goes away. Now, I know why I should call my parents if I am going away someplace to let them know I got there ok. Or if I am going to be later than usual. Or just to say hi every other day. I am sorry, mom and dad, for not calling as often as I should and for making you worry all those years. I am also amazed you didn't throw the phrase "wait till you have a child," at me every other minute of my life. Having a child makes you appreciate what your parents did for you and cringe at the thought of what you put them through like nothing else.

His buddy Carl

Still loves his purple

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