Wednesday, February 06, 2013

You say hippy, I say cost effective

So, we are slowly going green. I have effectively replaced Ziploc bags in the house with these. The large sandwich bags I got from a coworker when his kids had fundraising sales for school but the small snack bags are from Sarah's Stitches. They are all dish washer safe. And look how cute!

Paper towels with these. I am trying to find the link on Bed, Bath & Beyond's site but I cannot find the pack of 10 cotton rags I got for $4.99. I also cut up a couple of old t-shirts, they work great for sopping up milk spills at the dining table, not that THAT happens a lot with a toddler around ;-)

And paper napkins with these. I got some from Kohls, some from Amazon, and I love them. You have to get the 100% cotton, and not the microfiber ones if you want good absorption. I love all the colors and I just store a few at a time on the tabletop. When we use them for dinner, I replace with a couple more colors.

So, why this move? Because we are suddenly tree huggers? Not really. I have wondered about the status of earth and where we are going with all our consumption and non-recyclable material for a while. But, nothing like having a child makes you face up to it. What we are leaving for our future generations didn't really click with me till I am facing that future generation every day. I want him to have a cleaner world, a healthier nature and a better future. So, this is my very small move towards that.

Oh, and it saves me money. Which means I might afford another vacation next year ;-) Just in case somebody thought it was all altruistic.

And, no post is complete without a photo of my giggling bug:


Angie said...

Did I hear vacation?
I need one...

Syl said...

that's all you got out of my post???