Monday, September 19, 2016

40 before 40

So, all my close friends know I am dreading the big 4-Oh next year. I have threatened to go away and hide for a week. I have said I won't come out of my bed. I have stated I'd like to find a way to stop time on 6/24/2017 so I didn't have to face it.

But, that's just crazy. So, I started thinking of positive things to do to make my 40th birthday look good. I decided to make a 40 by 40 list!!!

It had things like:
  • read 40 new books
  • lose 40 lbs
  • see 40 different places
  • ...

And I realized that's not me at all realistically!

So, my real 40 by 40 list would start off as:
  • drink 40 new beers
  • lose 40 Facebook friends 
  • sleep 40 hours straight
  • ...
Joking ...

I might want to come to the middle and come up with a realistic 40 by 40 list, that combines the 2 approaches:
  •  read 40 new books
  • try 40 new beers
  • run 40 miles a month
  • ...
Help me?


ALP1882 said...

Run 40 5k races - specifically ones for charity!

ALP1882 said...

Go to the gym, or a gym class of some sort, 40 times!

ALP1882 said...

Visit 40 States?