Friday, May 05, 2006

Final Destination

JEff and I are in our apartment, with half of our furniture and more than half of our belongings unpacked. We have t.v., Internet, hot water, and groceries. So, life's good.

But, let me take you a few days back. We left Ann Arbor on tuesday, May 2nd at 11ish in the morning. We had breakfast at home with Amy, Autumn and Jon. We then went to the Penske rental to pick up the trailer on which our car would ride all the way to Maryland. The guy pointed us to it and said "it's self explanatory, safety chains, wheel guards, and all that stuff." Well, we went over, attached the trailer to the truck. As we're hitching this thing to the truck, on our knees and hands trying to see everything that needs to be attached or hooked to something else, it starts pouring! And, I mean, POURING! So, we get the trailer hitched and we're soaked.

It stops pouring and we're trying to get the car up on the trailer, which we do with minor incidences. We hook the wheel guards up with minor problems. Then we realise that the safety chains we need to hook to the car's frame are hooked around the bottom of the trailer and attached to themselves. So, once again, we're down on our hands and knees. Once we were done, the guy was nice enough to let us use his bathroom so we could change clothes.

We made it into Linthicum Heights at about 9:30 p.m. Now, I picked this town because it was about 10 miles from our apartment and the cheapest Motel at $65/night. We check in, take our suitcases up to our room and then venture out on foot (because it's a nice night and we noticed a lot of fast food places on our way in) to find food. Taco Bell's drive through is open so we walk up ... and wait. After a few minutes, Jeff goes upto the window to ask and they say they don't serve walk ups WHAT??? Why not? Oh well, McDonald's was open so we went in there and ordered food. As we're waiting, this lady who's pissed at the service (because only one person is working the inside and the drive through), keeps making comments about how the people who work there are reall nasty, tells us that the past sunday, 2 guys had been shot a few blocks from the motel we were at.

Not something you want to hear about a place you just drove into. But thankfully, since then, about a dozen people have mentioned how that is a freak incident. It freaked me out then though. We walked out and I saw a car in the parking lot with aguy in it, and I wanted to run for the motel. Jeff wouldn't. He lit a cigarrete, and ambled slowly back while I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to be mugged.

That's the update for now. We'll have all our furniture tuesday, so we should have photos up a couple days after that.

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