Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New apartment, new furniture, very excited

Here are photos from our new apartment fully furnished:

The photos start with the door to our apartment. That's followed by our foyer/living room/dining room combination. Our new furniture is awesome, I love the burgundy couches with the beige trim. I love the couch chair that's bigger than an average loveseat. I love the ginghamy chair with the ottoman. I love our hallway console table which I prefer to call my wall table. Not too fond of the tv cart; but hey cannot beat 19.99 at Wal-mart :-P. But, really fond of the man sitting on the ottoman :-D.

Following those are photos from the second bedroom, which we've converted into a study. Jeff put together that desk, found some pieces missing and is now awaiting the reciept of two pipes and the rest of it will be put on it. The closets are still messy but they are the last things left to organize.

Then the bathroom shot with our colorful shower curtain.

Ohhhh and then my favorite piece of furniture - our 4 poster bed yayyyyyyyy!!! The delivery guys found the top canopy broken so we have to wait for that now. But, we have a bed and mattress set, that sits 4 feet off the ground. I had to take a leap to get on it BUT we have a bed! I love my dresser, chest and night chest as well.

Then are 3 photos of our walk through closet. There's my side that looks like it exploded with shoes and clothing. Then, there's Jeff's side, which looks a little, um, empty.

At the end are photos of our kitchen It is finally fully stocked. It's nice cooking on our range, eating off our dishes etc. Also nice having our appliances. By the way, in that last photo, to the left is a bagel slicer. It has 2 blades that go back and forth very fast and cut your bagel at the press of a button. Oh, and we realised we have a decent sized kitchen with not enough cabinet space. So, our food is wherever we could fit it :-) I love our square plates too.

Oh, and we have a patio. The weather's been wonderful here, in the late 60s at night and early 70s during the day.

In the end, I have figured out we can accomodate the following number of guests in our apartment:

- 2 adults and 2 children or 4 children in our bedroom, because the king bed is the size of India.
- 1 adult or 2 children on our couch because that's the size of Texas.
- 1 smaller sized adult or 1 child on the sofa seat which is the size of a daybed.
- 2 adults or 4 children who don;t mind camping on the living room floor.
- 2 adults or 4 children who don't mind bunking on the study floor (or the futon we might have next month).
- 2 adults or 4 children who don't mind bunking on our patio :-P.

So, all in all, 9 adults and 2 children or 19 children or any other combination. Guess what that means is, none of you have any excuses for not visiting us. If you don't have our address, email me at sylvie dot williams at gmail dot com.

Again, all the photos are at http://www-personal.si.umich.edu/~skhajuri/albums/glen_burnie/


Anonymous said...

your apartment looks awesome!

-Amy (g)

Amy said...

the computer here is too slow for pics, but it all sounds great. should we take all this to mean that you and jeff will be having 20 kids?

cariberry said...

Your place looks nice! I bet it's even nicer to finally be living together.

Sylvie said...

it definitely is!

Allison said...

Clearly, you do NOT have enough shoes!! I too must go shopping.

suheir said...

i am the first adult to be counted !! when should i be there?? ;-)

suheir said...

didi please buy jijaji more shoes !!!:-)

Sylvie said...

oh my little chuhiya, you should have been here yesterday ... as in you can come over as soon as you want.

Sylvie said...

you tell that to your jeejaji! He thinks 5 pairs are enough!

Amy said...

nice bedroom set. and it's nice to see your bald man sharing your home, as all should be :)

Sylvie said...


Sylvie said...