Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This snow is my best friend


1. Everyone here is scared of snow, ice and sleet. So, they stay out of the fast lane and my real time all wheel drive eats up the miles like me chewing on a hot crispy churro.

2. We needed groceries. From what I hear, last night everywhere, stores ran out of toilet paper, milk and bread. So, a little scared, we went to Costco tonight. It was empty! We did wheelies in the parking lot. We danced the tango in the empty aisles. We went upto checkout and found no line.

We also found no 1% or 2% milk. They were all out. They only had full or skim. Yay, people are well prepared for this apocalypse.


Aik68j said...

Welcome to Maryland's Winter Wonderland

Amy said...

Someone here claimed that the panic is the result of being "below the snow line" and thus having more ice. But I blaim the fact that Cincy doesn't have enough plows & salt trucks.