Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I decided I wanted to make a list of places where I have been and where Jeff and I want to go.

I have been to:

- Iraq
- Nepal
- India
- Canada
- Cruise to Ensenada
- Chicago

Jeff has been to:

- Germany

Jeff and I have been to:

- Disneyland
- Yosemite
- New York
- Baltimore
- Historic Williamsburg, VA
- Denver, CO
- Utah
- India

We would love to go to:

- Europe
- Cruise through Panama Canal
- back to India
- Disney World
- some Carribean island

This list will be added to and deleted from.


Amy said...

I like that you called it "Historic Williamsburg, VA."

Aik68j said...

What no trip back to the homeland of Buffalo New York Land of the Ice and Snow. The Mecca of Chicken Wings and Horseradish mustard

Noor said...

why isn't Ann Arbor listed?!? ;)