Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Visiting the Bay Area

Jeff and I went back to the Bay area after exactly a year. I visited last year around this time because my grandma was sick. This year, it was a much happier visit. We were supposed to get there Thursday night, but thanks to a late takeoff from Baltimore, we ended up spending the night at Days Inn in Phoenix. We finally got into Oakland Friday morning.

We had dinner at P. F. Chang's, with friends from the Bay Area Nate, Tim and Ricahrd. Jeff and I had never been there. We were pleasantly surprised. I liked everything we had there: harvest spring rolls, pan-fried vegetable dumplings, Chang's spicy chicken, kung-pao scallops, beef a la sichuan and garlic noodles. Mmmm making me hungry all over again.

Saturday, we met up with Choi, Noor and Olga from MI for lunch:

Nate, Richard and Tim joined us there too.

We had lunch at a Thai place. The appetizers were good; the pad thai - I've had better.
Saturday evening, my aunt's family came over to meet Jeff. I think they were sufficiently impressed; the kids especially got along with him after plaing the WII with him.

We spent Sunday at home, did some shopping (found Maggi tamarind sauce that Jeff loves but forgot that they wouldn't let us take it on the plane so we had to throw it away at the airport.), watched a wonderfully bad Hindi movie, Dhoom 2. We saw Jeff's best friend Bill, who's leaving for boot camp this week. I hope he stays safe and we'll miss him.

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