Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bandit has a little brother ... nameless yet

We need help naming our Schnoodle - he's almost 4 months old, just got him today. He's made some sort of pact with Bandit already. You can see how their agreement came into being.

Bandit didn't really know what to make of this new entry into the house:

Not that the puppy had any idea what to make of Bandit either:

Eventually they both sniffed each other and came to an understanding:

The puppy stayed calm even when Bandit tried to evict him from his space

So, help us name him :-) We've already voted against Toto.


Noor said...

Wow, bandit is so big!

The puppy is cute, too! He reminds me of TinTin's dog. How about TinTin?

Amy said...

So cute! He looks like Toby! With the coloring of a keeshond like Gabby!

To me, he looks like a Snoopy :)

Dorrie said...

Elena says you should name him Mr Pickle or Ranger. :)

I say you should name him Benji, like the dog from the movie! :D

Anonymous said...

Awww... now there's a pet I can appreciate! (Sorry Bandit) We had a scnoodle when I was growing up - they are great dogs.

I think you should name him "Demon."

Elena said...

I vote for Sher'ff. It goes well with Bandit :)

Madelyn said...

My vote is for Benji... he's so adorable! And oh my goodness, Bandit is getting big!