Sunday, March 11, 2007

Whose bright idea was this?

Lotion filled tissues!

Who came up with those? I'd like to have a face to face sitdown with that person and understand the logic. So, as I am trying to blow my nose, I grab a tissue and OH NO! it's already kinda snotty (not in the highbrow way). It's slippery as I try to wipe my nose. IT does not feel good at all!!!

I'll take my old style regular DRY tissue any day!


Aik68j said...

it is the American way too lazy to booger up your own tissues. We have pre-booger tissues God I hope it doesn't cross over to Toilet paper.

Amy said...

I think that my employer may be to blame. However, those tissues are great when you have a cold - they keep you from getting a nose that is both chapped AND snotty. Oh, and they already did the tp - it's called ultra.

Also, I like them (unless I need to clean my glasses).