Monday, March 05, 2007

From inside an asthma attack

I went to the gym at 8 p.m. tonight because Jeff's working till midnight. I get there and realise that it's really busy at that time My machine was taken so I decided to try a different treadmill. It was REALLY different. I started at my usual incline and speed, taking it up after 5 minutes. Well, 10 minutes into the workout, my lungs started hurting a little. Mind you, I usually do 30 minutes before doing the circuit and crunches.

I walked into the ladies' room and sat down. By this time, there was slight wheezing in my lungs and I could take shallow breaths. I sipped on water and tried to control my breathing. I felt like coughing but past experience with asthma reminded me not to cough or it would just get worse. When I felt a little better, I decided to drive home and get the inhaler I forgot there. I walked down the stairs slowly but by the time I got to the car, I could barely breathe.

By the time I pulled the car out of the parking lot, my lungs were burning slightly, the wheeze was louder and my head was hurting. I also started coughing so bad, my throat hurt.

I live 3.4 miles from the gym. Let me tell you, I don't know how I made it. I had 2 red lights and I thought I was going to die. I went 60 in a 45 zone to make a left turn light so I wouldn't have to stop. I could barely keep my eyes open, my lungs were literally burning and I don't think I was pulling in any air. At one point, I even thought of pulling over and calling 911. But, no insurance this month scared me into just driving home.

I pulled into our parking lot, and was hoping one of my neighbors were out so I could fall on the ground, give them my keys and have them get me my inhaler. But, no! Nobody around today. So, it took me close to 7 minutes to get up 21 steps. Time passes really fast and slow at the same time when you think you're about to die.

I made it inside the door, grabbed my purse and fell on the floor. I was coughing so hard I couldn't even get the inhaler up to my mouth for a couple of minutes. Eventually, I managed to get the 2 prescribed puffs in and started breathing. It's now an hour later. My lungs and throat still hurt, I feel like crying because I felt like I was about to die and I am typing this to remind my forgetful self not to ever forget my inhaler at home again. Especially not when I am on my way to the gym!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are OK! Poor Sylvie!

Anonymous said...

oh sylvie! that's terrible. I am really glad to hear you are okay too.

Madelyn said...

Oh Sylvie!! I'm so sorry that you had such a traumatic experience! I can totally sympathize, I've had days where I've forgotten my inhaler and its the most terrifying experience in the world... I'm so glad you're ok!!! I miss you :)