Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cultural Ignorance

bothers me. I found this photographer's website through somebody else's blog and went cruising through. The site had photos form India and I looked through them thinking how Jeff and I have many photos like that and if we could get 10 people to pay the prices this guy's charging, we would be able to afford a child. Or somethign like that. As I am browsing, I see a photo titled "Snake Goddess," which itnrigues me since I have never heard of a snake Goddess. I click on it and it's Lord Shiva. HE is not a Goddess, first of all. He is one of the 3 Gods in the Hindu holy trinity so no excuse is valid for not being able to find out who he is.

He aslo titled a picture of bulls as the "goats with blue horns."

I think it bothers me that this photographer is trying to make money off of these photos and he did not even bother figuring out what the photos were off.


Anonymous said...

There is a fine line between ignorance and stupidity...

Anonymous said...

If thoese are goats with blue horns if the black and white striped horse looking thing an elephant. There is wonderful book out called all the animals in the zoo ABC oops sorry must be above this guy artistic talents of point and click