Sunday, June 03, 2007

We finally made it down'e ocean!

Apparently, that's what going to the beach is called around here - going down'e ocean! Well, Jeff and I finally made it down there this weekend. Jeff had Thurs, Fri and Sat off so I took Fri off and we drove down to Ocean City, MD on Thursday night. We stayed at the north end of the boardwalk on 27th and Boardwalk at the Dunes Manor Motel. After sleeping in till the late hours of 7 something a.m., we decided to walk down the boardwalk. Along the way, we had some Thrasher's Fries. A must have snack, if you are down there.

We lay around on the beach for a few hours, during which my hubby's tummy turned very very red (it's painful right now). Some pictures from the beach:

Then, we ended the day with dinner at this awesome bar and restaurant, Seacrets Jamaican Bar, where we sat at a table on the beach. Sand in our feet, ducks walking around, baybreeze in our faces. They also had bar tables and stools half submerged in water. Too cold for that yet but the next time we're down there. we're definitely going to try and sit there. We also had Dumser's icecream after dinner, yummy!


Anonymous said...

wow!! khoob maza aaya hoga!!

Anonymous said...

Sylvie, love the hat. Looks you're in the Midwest or going to the Saddle Rack.