Sunday, June 10, 2007

Surprise at the house site

We went by our condo development site, hoping something more had been done since we last were there. We were shocked! Not only is the first building almost done, our building is halfway there. They have townhouses across from us almost up. The curbs are fully in and the roads have been put down. Some pictures to accompany our giddiness:
This is the first building; you can see ours behind it. A closeup of our building with our parking spots :-):
Our building's elevator shaft:
Here's me pointing at what I thought was our address and unit. That is our address but our unit is actually the one to the right of the entryway, not the left.
Here's Jeff pointing at our address and trying to get the building done faster by pitching in:
This is our street name, it doesn't exist on any maps yet. The other sign was just cool.


Shalini said...

Hey Syl,

Your bldg seems to be in a big hurry to be all ready. The place in Faridabad where we are getting an apartment will take at least two years to be up!!!

Anonymous said...

check with the local college's archeology department, your new condo is being built on a sacred indian burial mound

Sylvie said...

So, I'll be living on sacred grounds and maybe the ghosts will keep theives and murderers and pillagers away :-P