Monday, July 02, 2007

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) rate hike

Our May bill was $73 which was almost twice our April bill but that was because of our average temerature in the house being kept at 65 degrees (Yikes!) So, in June, Jeff and I made a very conscious effort to keep the temperature above 70 and we had a fan in our bedroom for nighttime. We made sure lights got turned off. We use lesser lights in the living room when we're eating or watching the idiot box.

So, imagin my charin when our une bill came in close to $140. I went online to check the KWatt usage and discovered not only had our average temperaure been 75 degrees, we only used maybe a 100 more Kiloqatts, so we went from 877 to 943. No amount of mathematical manipulation could make me believe that 100 Kwatts should double my bill. Till I looked closed and saw that a clause was missing form my bill that had been there last month - such and such part of your bill has been reduced due to recent legislation, or somethign along those lines.

I don't understand why a company that seemed to do ok for the past yr with charging us half what they are now charging, should be allowed to hike the rate.

Bring back the legislation, please?

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