Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Farewell, adieu, we had to say goodbye UPDATE: RIP

to Bandit.

We had to give up our firstborn today. Not to the devil though. He went to a really good home. Jeff's uncle and aunt and their 2 little munchkins and 3 other cats took Bandit in.

Our cat allergies kept getting worse, even with allergy shots. Jeff found out his constant sinus infections were due to severe allergies to nature and the cat. We couldn't get rid of all the nature Maryland has to offer but the cat had to go.

Next weekend, we are going to visit them and I'll have pictures of a hopefully happy Bandit settling in with his new non-allergic family.

UPDATE: After a few days of Bandit scratching and biting and hissing at everybody, they had to take him to SPCA where Bandit was put down yesterday afternoon. I spend my time swinging between guilt and anger at myself. I wonder what I could have done differently so he wouldn't have turned out the way he did. He had suddenly gotten aggressive and this was before the dog came home. We thought being without the dog and with other cats might help but it made him worse. I hope wherever he is, it's a better place for him because he was obviously unhappy and sick here.
R.I.P. Bandit Williams - Sometime in April 2006 - July 26, 2007.


Madelyn said...

Oh Sylvie! I'm so sorry to hear about Bandit! I can't even imagine what you're feeling right now, but my heart is broken a little knowing that he won't be there sniffing me the next time I come to visit :( I hope you and Jeff and Smokey are all taking care of yourselves... let me know if you need anything and I'll see you next week... all my love, ~m

Anonymous said...

That is the most horrible thing I've ever heard. Cats cannot be introduced like that--they must be separated for several weeks. They have to get used to each other--and if they can't, then they must be permanently separated. How cruel to dump him into that environment!!

Imagine being dropped in downtown Moscow--no one you know, you don't speak the language, your husband is gone--you'd be freaking out, too. I can't believe you didn't try to find another home for him. Hell, I would've taken him, but I just found your blog.

I'm crying my eyes out right now for the murder of poor Mr. Bandit whose owners were too stupid to take care of him properly. Don't get any more cats.


I hope you have better luck with a child--they don't come with handbooks, either.

Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

Grow some balls and leave your name next time you are going to leave an ill-informed opinion, 'k?