Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We're an all Mac family

Yes, I've sold my Dell laptop and now we are a 100% Mac family. We also just bought the new iMac.

I love the 24" monitor. I can design in Dreamweaver and see my changes show up without having to switch between windows.

I love the skinny keyboard.

Above all, I love the new design of the keyboard; less chances of food getting under the keys.


BrendaJ said...

You know, I saw the pictures of the keyboard and didn't really notice what was different until reading your post. That should prove to be very helpful! And in the pictures, the 24" monitor actually makes the keyboard look miniature. Cool!

Amy said...

ah, so your windows dreamweaver still works on the mac?

Shib said...

well, my Macromedia Dreamweaver does, yes.