Friday, September 21, 2007

Panic attack

So, when my laptop started acting up a few months ago, I decided I needed tos ave all our wedding photos form India, my school work from MI etc. I started moving all of this over to Jeff's computer.

A week later, my computer gave me the blue screen of death. No worries. JEff reinstalled Windows, software, drivers and we sold it.

Yesterday, I realized I never retrieved my iTunes folders. About 10000 songs, among them some old and some not so well known that I don't have the CDs for anymore. Gone. All gone.

I am upset.


srah said...

I am STILL not recovered from my last BSOD/reinstallation. I still keep discovering things that I lost, when I go to look for them and they're not there. :(

Suheir said...

Hey I can understand how upset you could be!!
I still remember when you left India ,dad asked you to leave your audio casettes as they were going to add a lot to the baggage.
Just after you left i searched for the casettes and discovered you had taken them all!!!!