Thursday, October 04, 2007

Life altering decision

A few months back, Jeff and I made a decision together that'll have some major changes on our lives and lifestyle. We made the decision for me to get Bariatric Surgery. The procedure that I am going to have is called the Roux-Y procedure. You can read about it at this website, which is also the doctor who'll be performing my surgery.

After going through years of fighting weight gain and trying anythign and everything possible from simlpy excercising to being on a physician monitored diet and weight loss program involving prescription meds, I have tried it all. Remember Herbalife? I did that. See the Nutrisystem ads? I did that; ask Autumn, the food does not look as good in real life as it does on TV.

With everything I tried, I lost the fight after a couple of months and gained all the weight back. I got to a point where I felt really low and if I hadn't had Jeff in my life to support me and to push me through everything, I am not sure if I'd be a drunk right now or majorly depressed but I wouldn't be as optimistic about life as I am. And realizing that suddenly, I am letting this weight problem define who I am, affect how I see myself and really affect my appreciation of things I enjoy - dancing, amusement park rides, swimming in the ocean - I decided to take a radical step.

And it wasn't a step taken in a minute. I have spent the last year with a good friend who had the same procedure done by the same physician. I have spent the year elarning about all the treatments available and the side effects and possible repurcussions. I have spent the year debating the pros and cons of the surgery with Jeff. I understand the risks but to me, the risks of not getting it done right now and taking control of my life are higher.

Initially, the insurance denied our claim for the surgery because I couldn't prove that I had been obese for the last 5 years. Apparently, in the year 2003, I didn't make any major doctor visits. A healthy year overall. After 2 levels of appeals, I got a phone call today from Jeff's corporate benefits letting me know they were allowing an exception in my case.

So, now the whole World Wide Web knows and all I am waiting for is the surgery date. Wish me luck.


srah said...

Good luck!

Anjuli said...

Good Luck!
I know how you feel!!

Anjuli said...

Good luck girl!
I understand how you feel