Saturday, October 20, 2007

Home inspection

We had a walk through of our new condo with a home inspector on Friday. The inspector was really good, Inspections by Bob . We would recommend him to anybody in this area needing a home inspection. He found stuff we would have never even looked for. He found mud caked onto our furnace and a bag of something inside the furnace door. I would have never opened up the furnace.

Here are some pictures from yesterday's visit: Home Inspection Photos.

We also went to Value City Furniture just to see some sectionals. Our new living room is a really open room with walls on 2 sides only and one of the sides is where the flatscreen TV goes. So, we have to be creative in how we furnish it. We didn't find any sectionals that looked good but we found our bar stools. I had seen this collection, Latte Bar Set. but I didn't want the table. Yesterday, we realized we could buy the bar stools by themselves. So, we did :-).

We also picked up an entryway table. It's white with a samll table that has one drawer for a phone book. On the top is a hutch that has 12 little cubby holes for letters and knick knacks. It was the perfect size for our entryway. I'll take a picture of it next week when I pick it up.

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