Thursday, October 11, 2007

1, 2, 3 done

Have you ever had a day where everything just goes right, specially when a doctor's office, a diagnostics lab and an imaging place are involved?

I did, today. The surgeon's office had sent me a list of pre-op things that needed to get done before the 25th of this month and I was getting worried. So, I dropped in at my primary physician's, thinking maybe I could get his prescriptions for all the lab work and get it done next week.

I get there at 3:45 p.m. and sign in. The nurse calls me up in 5 minutes and immediately takes me back for my E.K.G. As I am leaving her office, I ask if I can sign in at the lab and she informs me that the doctor has to sign the slip first for the lab that closes in 3 minutes. But, after a couple minutes, she tells me to go to the lab anyways and that she'll bring the slip in.

At the lab door, I knock and even though the lady is technically done for the day, she takes the 3 tubes of blood they asked for.

I go in to see the doctor and there is no wait time. He checks my vitals, signs a prescription slip for a chest x-ray. I run out of there to the imaging place and sign in. Not even a minute after I am done registering, the technician comes out to take me to the back.

As I was leaving the lab, I checked my watch, and it was 4:45.

One hour to get:

- an E.K.G.
- blood work for 3 different labs
- doctor's visit for a general health and history check
- chest x-ray at a different location

Not bad at all!

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