Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 30, 2007 7:30 a.m.

I have an appointment with destiny ... well with the GBMC to get prepped for surgery.

I had my dietary consult yesterday at the surgeon's office where we were gien a [retty comprehensive 10/12 page document detailing what we'll be eating and what we'll be avoiding the first month after the surgery.

Boils down to basically this:

1st 10 days: clear liquids, water, diluted juices and other drinks (sugar free), diluted brother, sugar free jello etc.

2nd 10 days: any food that can be blenderized. So, hmmm blenderized steak and mashed potatoes ... hehehe, no really, I can eat anythign as long as it can be reduced to the consistency of really thin mashed potatoes.

3rd 10 days: introduce solid food slowly. Cut into pieces the size of pencil erasers and chewed on forever, 6 1/2 cup meals a day.

After that, I can go back to 3 1 - cup meals a day with 2 1/2 cup snacks in between.

Some of you might say, if you did that now, you'd lose the weight without the surgery. Yes, I would. Except my body won't let me. If I tried this as a diet, my body would go into starvation mode, hoarde the fat, burn muscle and eventually crave food so badly that I would eat anything in sight.

12 days and counting ...


Noor said...

wow, that sounds tough! good luck!

I'm not really sure I understand how the surgery is going to help you deal with cravings. Isn't that psychological/emotional? In my experience, cravings never seemed like a physical response.

Shib said...

It helps you deal with cravings by making you full faster. So, I can still eat a piece of chocalet but whereas now, I can eat a whole bar and still want more; after the surgery, a ouple pieces might make me feel bloated.

Also, the craving I was talking about above is the one that results from starving your body. That will be solved by the body having a much smaller pouch to fill.