Saturday, October 06, 2007

Surgery: an update

After receiving numerous emails form family and friends, worried about the decision I have made, I have to update my post.

Your concern #1: Repurcussions of this surgery are very serious.
My reply:
Yes, they are. I won't be able to drink or eat certain foods for a few months after the surgery and I'll have to control my diet seriously after that. And, that's exactly why I made this decision.

Trust me, I have consulted with my primary physician and the surgeon made me attend numerous sessions with a councelor. This was not a decision made lightly after a bad night.

Your concern #2: There are so many risks involved.
My reply:
Yes, but the risks get compounded as you get older. I am at an optimal age right now for this procedure. I am young, my body can heal itself faster. The longer I wait, the longer Jeff and I put off the decision about having children. That creates it's own complications as you get older.

Your concern #3: Why can't you try alternate methods? Wire your jaw shut, exercise seriously and so on.
My reply:
I have. I have tried every method possible and it did not work. It is a more permanent change than wiring my jaw shut or sending myself off to fat camp somewhere. Whereas in other types of surgery like the gastric bypass and stomach stapling, you can make it possible to overeat and reverse the effects, in this surgery, your stomach is permanently reduced in size, as is the small intestine. That works in dual ways; you eat less and your body absorbs less.

Some of you might say, if the final result is to eat less, why not just do that?
Because, it's not possible to do what this surgery will let me do. When you normally starve your body, you sufer from hunger pangs. Eventually, your body hurts you enough that you start eating whatever you can lay your hands on. You know what I am talking about.

With the surgery, my body will be full after lesser food. No hunger pangs. Of course, I can binge eat; but instead of the possibility of a lapband slipping or staples opening and my stomach returning to it's original size, I will just make myself very, very sick.


shalz said...

Will you have to depend on supplements for nutrients? All your life? Ummmmm, that's one thing I'd be concerned about. You shouldn't develop a deficiency or sth.

I hope everything works out as you have planned. Good Luck, pal!

Shib said...

Well, let's look at what I have to do right now:

- iron supplement daily for anemia
- glucosamine chondritin for joint issues daily
- multivitamin daily

How is that different from what I have to do later? I'll just have to be a lot more diligent in takign them daily and I'll add a prescription antacid.

I think it's a small price to pay to get my life and my self-esteem back.

shalz said...

I'm concerned coz there has been research that says multivits should not be relied on for long periods of time. They can be carcinogenic. And why are you taking multivits now?

Shib said...

Every study that I have read says that taking multivitamins more than once a day can be harmful to men. I have yet to read a study that says regular multivitamin use can lead to cancer.

Also, the multivitamins I'll be "depending" on for the rest of my life is to cover the deficiency left by my diet, becuase the surgery works 2-fold: you eat less and your body absorbs less.

Anonymous said...

surgery is the last thing you want to do to your body. Especially such a radical surgery as this.
your stomach is a muscle it can stretch and grow larger again.

vitamins are not a replacement for the real thing or in the long run for the real food. Your body will suffer in the long run.

if there is not anything physically wrong with you that keeps you from losing the weight,such as thyroid, diabetes,genetics or some other problem. then it has to be a psychological(behavior)disorder or not trying hard enough.
Have you asked yourself why you are overweight, what makes you eat, have you been overweight all your life, what is your bmi, are you active? are there past family problems that cause you to eat?
Have you tried all the options, slimfast, nutrisystem, Jenny craig, diet pills, doctor controlled, worked with a nutritionalist, exercise therapist and behavior therapist. Have you kept a log of what you eat and when you eat. what is going on when you eat, is it stress, lonely,etc. WHY DO YOU QUIT OR GO OFF YOUR DIET????THAT USUALLY IS A STRESS OR BEHAVIOR ISSUE.hOW MUCH DO YOU EXERCISE?once a week, once a month,etc no lying.?
why are you on joint medicine at your age? Genetics, or not stretching and warming up the muscles before exercise puts stress on the joints as well.. If you exercise everyday and watch what you eat and go to behavior therapy the weight should come off without surgery.
with this surgery you will not be able to eat normal for a long time and not be able to eat ANYTHING with the first 3 ingredients listed as sugar. no cakes, applesauce, pop, cookies, anything carbonated,chocolate, alcohol steak,milkshakes,chips, basically eating baby food the rest of your life. and if you want children you will need the calories to help it grow properly vitamins alone cant do it. and you will gain weight with a baby too. when you go to get togethers everyone will be eating and you wont be able to. not fun
If you have self esteem issues surgery doesnt fix it. You will find another reason why you dont have any self esteem. body image, the way your eyes look, or teeth or breasts dont look right, it goes on. to fix self esteem is to see a therapist and not the counselor for the surgeon ( they do that to please the insurance to justify them doing the surgery)

If you Truly have done all that
therapy, nutritionalists, exercise therapist,food logs, diet centers and exercised regularly (everyday) and there was nothing physically or psychologically wrong then I guess surgery would be the last option but i would do the band surgery instead. ( and not fudge the reports to the insurance or doctors or to yourself so you can justify the surgery.

Shib said...

Wow, for somebody with such a strong opinion on a decision that is mine and mine only, why the anonymous cloak?

I am taking joint supplements because I hyperextended a knee many years ago. Oh, and my doctors think it would be good to take it.

Did you miss the patr where I said I have a cowaorker who got this done and I have watched her and her behaviors over the last year or more? I know the restrictions on me after the surgery and I have accepted them.

Thanks for your concerns though and your advice.

Shib said...

"I guess surgery would be the last option but i would do the band surgery instead."

But, you are not the one getting the surgery, are you?