Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How can you know exactly what I feel like?

when you are half my size and I can count your ribs through your shirt?

Let me back up. I found this 2 week trial coupon for Bally's Fitness online and since there's one 5 minutes form ym work, I decided to try it out. 15 minutes after I filled out the online, some very excited, very hyper girl called me to set up a meeting. I stopped by on my way home last Thursday.

This 5'4", 113 lbs (I know because she got on a scale that wasn't working right. I pointed out it was just showing weight in kilograms and she needed to press a button to make it show in pounds), bright silver eyeshadow over the whole eyelid and dark black clumpy mascara (I know this because she chose to stand very, very close to me throughout the meeting). She walked me thruogh the different areas of the gym and asked me what I was looking to do.

I , for once was honest, and told her about the surgery and that I needed to boost the weight loss and start some skin toning so I don't get loose hangy skin (there's a visual for you). As she walked me to the abdomen area and pointed out the different machines for doing crunches, she touched her own very concave belly and said, "I have the same goals as you do, need to lose the gut." I almost threw up on her. But, somehow I restrained myself from bringing up my lunch from hours ago or throttling her. Then, she took me to the weight training area and showed me the circuit training machines. And proceeds to say, "I have the same stuff as you, need to tone my arms and stuff." This was said as she lifted her bone and skin arm in the air and touched the area where normal women have triceps.

I managed to walk out still with a smile pasted on my face. I am amazed there are people who basically have skin stretched out over bone and they can survive. Though, judging from her hands (she had more finger showing above her nailbed than she had nail left on each finger), there might have been eating disorder issues there. BUT, don't try aligning yourself with me. You are my height, half my size and I could eat you for dinner (or I could have before the surgery). Just listen to my goals and tell me how your gym can help.


Anonymous said...

It took me a while to figure out what her fingers looked like from your description. Is that a symptom of an eating disorder? Gross.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with Ballys. Anorexic Annie was just following company policy. They hire the most annorexic,metrosexual males (who to get you to sign up would "join the other team") for a membership commitment. It is company policy to become you buddy, gal pal, love intrest etc... to get you to commit to the long term membership (which cannot be cancelled). Once you sign this document you are reduced to Hon, Buddy, Ace, Hey you or the smile and wave from behind glass as the 230 lbs drop on you neck. She was just showing you how with the right membership for you (and a handful of diet pills, tanning beds set on mummyfy, self enduced vomitting) can do for you
forgot my access code

Shib said...

Well, she had bitten her nails down so far, I could see more of her finger above the nail than the nail itself. I think it's a sign of some form of neurosis.

Noor said...

uggghh! I hate it when thin people (who have never had a weight problem) try to make me feel better by pretending like they need to lose weight. So annoying!

In her case, it sounds like she had an eating disorder . . . and in that case, she probably really does believe that you both have the same problems.

anjuli said...

Idiots! I hate people like that. And it makes things even worse sometimes.

BTW I thought you'd joined Merritt's club?

Kim said...

I know these are old posts but I love reading about other people's WLS journeys. Yes, I have encountered people just like her and I can't begin to understand them. It may very well go back to the standards Hollywood sets for women these days that there are very few females out there who feel confident about their bodies...but still. When I am still struggling to lose the last 50 pounds, some 113 pound chick would rather piss me off comparing her body woes to me.
We must not be too far apart...I'm in Hagerstown, Md!

Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

Kim, I am in Elkridge. I was in Hagerstown a couple weekends ago. LOVED the mall!!!