Saturday, January 05, 2008

I am waisted again

I thought about doing a regular blog about the surgery but voted against it because it would get boring. It's already taxing keeping track of how many grams of protein I got in at every meal.
But, it's 2 months post-op, I'm over 30 lbs negative and I have a waist again (I don't count the fat above or below that waist :-P).

I was at Lane Bryant just browsing their sales and saw this cute jacket. It's not a warm jacket, more of a fashion thing. I never find anything like this in my size, especially when it's the last item of that type. But, this one FIT. Also, I am at the lowest end of the sizes they carry, which has its pros and cons. The pros, obviously, are that I am losing weight and can shop at regular stores. The big con is they have some cool looking shirts and jeans that fit perfectly. Oh well, I'll deal with that issue when I am at it.


anjuli said...

You look good! :)

Amy said...

very cute!