Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Saudi Arabia?

I get into the elevator at work with a pleasant looking African American lady who's getting off at floor 2 while I am going all the way to the top (floor 3).

She: "Where are you from?"
Me: "India"
She: "Really? you don't look like it."
Me: *wondering how to respond, laughing a little* "Really?"
She: "Yeah, you look like you are from further east, like Saudi Arabia or something."

Maybe she was worried I was one of them terrorists.


Anjuli said...

Maybe you should have asked - 'Really? So what does an Indian look like?' :-)

Madhu said...

Ah, I get this all the time and even got this at the mall over the holidays. "don't you wear the long black cloaklike thing?"

Anonymous said...

How much further East is Saudi Arabia from India????

Amy said...

haha, one of my friends (who is of Bangladeshi descent) was teasing a Hispanic friend along with two other South Asians. at one point he asked her why she wasn't backing him up - since she was Hispanic too. no idea why he thought that....