Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anjuli's happy post

Anjuli mentioned that my last couple of entries were anger based, so here's a happy, rainbows filled, Bambi bouncing around before she gets killed entry.

I was under the weather last week. Felt sick Monday night and then got worse on Tuesday; came home early Wednesday and slept through the day. I felt better by Friday and when I came home that day, i did what I do best when I am feeling on top of the world. I made my kitchen into a war zone. I hadn't cooked in the few days and my sister had commented how there wasn't any real food in the fridge. Once I start cooking, I am euphoric. In fact, I could be diagnosed as manic while cooking.I love taking all these raw ingredients and seeing something tasty come out. And it could be a simple thing like an omelette but I love cooking!!!

So, I started by making an Indian vegetarian dish with potatoes and bell peppers:

Then, having some tomato sauce that I needed to use up, I made pasta sauce with mushrooms and sweet peppers:

I tried making chocolate covered strawberries, but my ratio of cream to chocolates was all wrong, so the chocolate wouldn't dry on them. But, we ended up just dipping and eating them anyways.

Now, I started prepping for oatmeal cookies that I have been wanting to make for years. But, right after I mixed the butter and sugar together, and went to add eggs, that I realized we didn't have any eggs. So, that had to wait till Saturday.

I also made kheer (rice pudding) on Saturday.


Funny thing, after all this cooking, we ended up going out on Saturday night to Chevy's for dinner and enjoying a pineapple coconut margarita with some really good Americanized Mexican food.


And then my good feeling lasted well into Sunday. I have decided to get a sewing machine so I can alter my own clothing. I took a pair of black pants to an alterations place to be taken in and it cost me $15. I could just invest in a sewing machine, do it myself. So, I went through my closet and put clothes into piles: give away, maybe alter etc. I took these photos while I was trying on clothes and let me tell you, between all the cooking and then this, I am on the top of the world!!!



anjuli said...

LOL Thanks :)
May Bambi's soul rest in peace! ;)

Hope you're feeling better now. And you look good with the new haircut.

Anonymous said...

It's like fondue instead of chocolate-covered strawberries. It's still good!

shalz said...

Hey, your new haircut looks great. You r looking better and healthier than in those 'just got a cut' pics.