Saturday, February 02, 2008

Single moms in Baltimore = bitter and angry?

I really cannot come to that conclusion because my boss and good friend was a single mom and she is not bitter or angry and doesn't take out resentment on everyone around her.


At the old apartment, the lady below us complained constantly about our sound system ... at 6 p.m. on the weekends. So much so that when I asked the apartment managers about it, they rolled their eyes and said she complained about everybody. This letter was left on our door last year.

Now we have a single mom who lives next door. She complained about Smokey barking all day when we were gone and we understood completely. He doesn't make a single sound when we are at home so we didn't realize he was constantly barking when we weren't there. So, we got him a bark collar and we put it on him when we're out. No problems since then. Till today. I forgot to put the collar on him when I went out for a couple of hours to grocery shop. This is the note I found on my door.

What really makes me laugh and want to stuff her note down her throat is how she asks if the dog's crate is next to "her" wall.

I wrote an apology and said I would be more careful about putting his collar on him. But, it irks me. Some people act like they deserve extra special treatment. I understand her concern; I would be unhappy if I was home all day every day (don't know how she feeds her children) and the next door neighbor's dog barked non stop. But, we took her complaint the first time and acted on it. I even told her to let me know if it happens again and to feel free to leave me a note. She leaves me a note but it's filled with an undertone of entitlement that pisses me off.


Amy said...

This is why I'm opposed to notes. I have a neighbor who forgets to turn off his extremely loud alarm clock, but I have never left him a note. Because they just piss people off & don't solve anything. But anyway....

I just tried to send you a picture of a bollywood pillow from cb2 & it bounced back. Hope all is well :)

Shib said...

If she'd just written that the dog had been barking, I'd have been ok. The little comment about "her" wall and how she thought it had been solved (like it's some Sherlock Holmes mystery) is what bugs me.

Oh well, one less neighbor to be friendly to.