Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anti - anti - holidays

You know what irks me? People who are against holidays, against celebrating them, against buying anything for that holiday but most of all, they need to make sure everyone knows how anti they are. It's your choice to not support the marketing gimmicks and spend money on cards, chocolates, easter eggs, green beer, pine trees or anything associated with any holiday.

It is NOT your right to make me irritable by bringing your anti-holidayness into my world. I am not forcing chocolates on you today. I didn't force you to do a jig in green suspenders on St. Patrick's Day last year. I didn't even wish you a Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Diwali or a Happy Kwanzaa. So, why must I be subjected to the knowledge that you don't celebrate this day and how effin commercialised it's become and how it's not what it was when St. Valentine died for young couples worldwide (or probably just the ones in Rome). Rant away but do not rain on my good mood.

I love all holidays as they stop me in my very busy tracks and make me appreciate what I have. Be it my husband's birthday, our anniversary, one of many Indian holidays, Valentine's day or even Christmas; for us, it's another day out of routine days to do something non-routine. I know people say why do I have to do something special on this one day. Well, I'll bet you a hundred bucks, those people don't do anything special the rest of the year either. Tell me when was the last time you had a date night with your loved one? Just a night to relax, just the two of you and just to enjoy each other's company?


cariberry said...

Will you do a jig wearing green suspenders??? Please?

By the way, Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

if you have a right to say merry xmas, etc. people do have the right to say bah humbug., etc. not in excess on either side. right to free speech. Its not right to flaunt it that you like or dislike a holiday. to go overboard. but you can say it once and choose not to participate in it.also. everyone has there opinions on holidays. some are more commercialized than others. each celebrates it in there own way. they dont have to celebrate it as it is advertized. it can be very low key. its up to them. Dont take it personal that someone doesnt celebrate like you

Anjuli said...

Yeah, I know some people like that. I try and not let them bother me though.

We need a happy blog entry from you. Last couple blog entries have been angry :)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you take such offense to what the other person has to say. I'm sure you say things that people do not agree with but this is America where everyone, including you, have freedom of speech. You may not like what the other person is saying, but they have the right to an opinion. I'm sure the people you are referring to have their reasons for not celebrating a holiday. Just because that person may not show to you how they share their love with their loved ones, doesn't mean they don't. Not everyone wants to write things like that in a blog, some people would rather keep those moments private.

Life is too short to let yourself get worked up about something so little.