Monday, December 01, 2008

I guess I am not the best driver

So, my Honda Element was taken in to the shop today because I could hear air escaping from the power steering and one of the tires looked really low and well, it was due for maintenance. And among the things they need to do is to flush and fill the power steering fluid. Why does that need to be done?

The power steering fluid flush is due to the fact that the fluid was both low and very dirty. They said this could be from heavy use of the power steering (i.e. cranking the wheel all the way over often or for long periods of time. this will bur and burn off fluid).

Another thing they need to do is align the tires. The alignment on the tires was poor and the tires were wearing unevenly. Caused by potholes, bumping curbs, speed-bumps, etc.

Umm, I guess I should stop driving my car like a NASCAR driver :-(

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