Monday, December 01, 2008

Please visit us

Now, it's not that we're starved for company or are tired of each other's company. But, Jeff and I would like to request that somebody from our group of family, friends or acquaintances visit us once a month. The reason being I need motivation to clean. When my in-laws were here last month, I spent 3 days cleaning the house from top to bottom. Furniture was moved, things were dusted, dead bugs were vaccuumed and Smokey was bathed. And now, a mere 2 weeks later, our house is filthy. I lay down on the living room floor (my stomach was acting up and the only way to make it fel better is to lie on it, another story for another time), and I realized how dirty the carpet was. Granted it was right by the door we come in and go out of, right by the patio and the dirt and the mulch but still. It made me sad. I now my weakness. I will clean if somebody is about to visit.

So, please won't you help us out and accounce a visit?


noor said...

can i say that i'm visiting you but then not visit? ;)

Shib said...

LOL won't help now that I know you'll be faking it :-P BTW, your blog is way overdue for an update too.