Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First day alone with Oli and what a day it was!

See that tuckered out little bubbi? That's what happens after a busy busy day. Today was our first day alone at home; no grandparents around and daddy was at work. So, what did we do all day?

Our day started with a doctor's appointment for me. I was worried about taking Oli with me. We got there 10 minutes before my 8:45 appointment. I didn't get seen till 9:50. I wouldn't have blamed Oli for having a meltdown, but he was good. He drank some milk, napped a bit, just sat around with his paci. As soon as the doctor walked in, Oliver lost it LOL I guess he wanted to let her know his displeasure at being made to wait.

We then had a brunch at my work, where Oli was pretty much passed around the whole hour and a half I was there. He was on his best behavior; he drank some milk, napped a bit and everyone exclaimed what a good baby he was.

We came home and he started getting really fussy. So, I strapped him into my Ergo and we went for a walk with Smokey first and then we walked over to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription and some chocolates that were on sale (what? they were on SALE). He slept through the whole thing and as soon as we got home and I tried to put him down, he woke up. So, we played some, fed him some more, did some tummy time. Then, he ate some more and now I thought he'd be passed out for a bit but no, he woke up as I started typing this paragraph. Hopefully, he'll let me warm up dinner before demanding entertainment. But, I won't complain. It was a very busy day and he was such a good little baby through it all.

Let's see if we can add a Metro ride to his activities tomorrow and meet daddy for lunch in Arlington. We'll have to see how the morning proceeds. Wish us luck!

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