Thursday, December 02, 2010

Where did half my November go?

I bring you a middle of the night pooping after feeding smile photo:

I wake up, feed Oliver, change him and pump. Jeff leaves for work. My mom takes him to feed him somedays, I have some tea and breakfast. Every other day, I might take a shower. I might run out for some errands after I pump and leave milk in a bottle for the grandparents to feed him if he gets fussy. I have lunch. I check some of the things on my Google reader. I change Oli, feed him, play with him and pump. We might get some tummy time in and some photos done. He goes back to sleep, we eat lunch. If I am lucky, we all take a 45 minute nap. Then it's tea time. My mom starts cooking/thinking about dinner. Jeff heads home from work. Oli wakes up and has some more milk. If he isn't too fussy, he might stay up and play with us. Right now, playing involves rotating his head to follow our voices or look up at the lights. He might be sleeping through our dinner; if not, we take turns holding him while the others eat. It's some TV time for us, mostly Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and 1 or 2 sitcoms. Then, it's bedtime. Feed and change Oli and pump through the night as demanded.


That's where half of my November has gone.

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anjuli said...

*sigh* so hectic. Hope you're getting ample rest. I'm sure this phase will pass soon and you get more time to yourself. :)