Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and whatever else you believe in

So, I am really annoyed by the whole "If you don't say Merry Christmas, you are a terrorist," and other sentiments similar to that being thrown around on Facebook. Not everyone in the darn world is a Christian. On the other hand, I also acknowledge and realize that this holiday exists because Jesus was born today. So, I am also annoyed at the people who get offended if somebody wishes them a Merry Christmas. Why can't people just accept whatever wish they are given with a smile and respond with whatever sentiment you'd like?

So, we didn't put up a tree or stocking this year. We didn't even do huge presents for each other. We have one big thing each one of us got. Jeff's getting another tattoo and I got this ring. The 3 colors of gold represent Jeff, me and Oli. I realized we forgot all about Smokey, so the little diamonds represent him :-).

I wasn't going to do anything special for Christmas dinner, considering the lack of sleep and Oli refusing to take naps during the day. But, in the end, the spirit moved me and I cooked; though on a much smaller scale than last year. Some of the recipes from last night that are keepers were:
I also had an oven roasted potato recipe that I used but we didn't like them that much. I'll probably go back to cooking them on the stove top.

We tried to get a family photo but Oliver wasn't having any of that. Even the fact that he had his own place setting didn't calm hm down. Jeff fed him and he finally settled down a little.

This morning, we opened our gifts. We had a limit on our spending - only stocking stuffers. Jeff got a balaclava that he really wanted and then this shirt that is perfect for him. And, he knows me too well - he got me scratch off lottery tickets and woohoo, I am a whole $3 richer.

We are just thankful to have a very healthy Oliver home with us this Christmas. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Here's hoping you and yours had a wonderful holiday or Christmas as well.

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