Tuesday, March 08, 2011

4 months old!!!

Where oh where is the time going? Oli turned 4 months old yesterday. Which brought with it the 4 month wellness visit to his pediatrician and a couple of shots. I was hoping they wouldn't be a big deal just like his 2 month shots and I was right. He was shocked with the first injection, cried out for a second, was really shocked by the second one and screamed for a couple of minutes with big tears rolling down his cheeks. And, what did his loving mommy do while he cried? Took photos. I know, I know, I am such a heartless mother. But, he was quiet by the time we made it from the examination room to the car. Here's the progression from oblivious to whatthehelldidyoudotome?

In other news, we got the official go ahead to give him fruits and vegetables. His pediatrician mentioned that AAP is now sugegsting that babies not be given rice cereal and instead start with oatmeal. When I said that we really wanted to give him fruits and vegetables, his pediatrician very happily handed us a sheet of information on different ones to begin with and which ones we shouldn't try to make at home becuase of nitrate issues. So, it was avocado for dinner last night.

The verdict? Methinks he loved it!

Before I forget, healthwise, he's doing awesome. Still gaining weight on his own schedule but he jumped up in the height percentile. So, I am pretty sure he's going to take after his daddy and a few of his uncles and turn out to be a tall, lanky young man.


Angie said...

Next time we give Mommy the shots!!

litmag01 said...

A little pain now = A life free from some nasty debilitating diseases

Jenna said...

Oli's sad face makes me sad. But cute pictures!