Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Banned from the cafeteria

Not yet but I ought to be. Our work cafeteria has these toasters. I brought my own bagel in yesterday and went downstairs to toast it. It was a yummy cheese bagel with loads of cheese on the top and in the middle. I put it on the top conveyer belt.

Guess what? Some of the cheese dripped down and started a fire in the toaster. The guys working there didn't seem too concerned and said it'll put itself out. It was still a little blush worthy for me.

Today, I decided to toast my bagel downstairs again. But, I adjusted the speed of the conveyer belt to the fastest possible. Put my bagel in; crossed my fingers. Even joked with the cafeteria guys about the fire yesterday. And waited for my bagel. The top came out. The bottom didn't.

And it didn't. The toaster started spewing smoke.

The guy had to use tongs to try and get it from where it got stuck in the back.

I might never go back to the cafeteria again.


anjuli said...

I didn't know they'll let you toast your own bagel. Of course, now they'll change the rules :D

ALP1882 said...

Hilllllllarious!! I was just looking at the toaster today thinking "hmm! They let you operate it yourself?" Maybe not anymore...hahahahah