Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our time

Weekend mornings are ours - Oli and mine (95% of the time). He starts stirring and I'll go into his room. He very cutely will ask me to snuggle with him for a few minutes (in those exact words). snuggling seems to be his favorite thing. I hope he keeps wanting to snuggle with us for a while.

I am leaving for Denver tomorrow and won't be here for our weekend snuggles while everyone else is still sleeping. I will miss them (though I might be able to steal some snuggles from a 3month old).

He is like me in the morning, up and ready to go as soon as he's awake.

I found these on my phone from a few weeks ago and love his animation, his smile, and you can almost hear his laughter.
Climbing all over mommy
Ahh, too bright, mom
You can see the smile

I love you bugaboo, save some snuggles for when I get back.

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